Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Day 4-Wednesday (my birthday)

  Today is my birthday! It was super fun! Well, to start off, in the morning I slept through 2 of my dad's meetings. lol. And then (after I woke up) we went to lunch and I got grilled cheese, yummmm :). haha.
  Next we walked around town, which to you probably sounds ok, but I love it! We stopped in the cake shop and they gave me a free cupcake for my birthday! It was yummy! And I got to get ice cream, too! Yummm.
  After that we went for a swim, I love swimming!! :))
  Shortly after that my dad had another meeting and I actually enjoyed it because I got to read on my kindle the whole time and I have an interesting book that i'm reading!
  Following the meeting we had the "reception dinner" and the president of DISES (the organization that my dad has to go to meetings for) had everyone sing "Happy Birthday" to me and I thought that was really cool :))). Then we left the reception.
  Next we went swimming again for like 3 hrs. and that was really fun :)!
  And now, i'm in the hotel room writing tonight's blog, and i'm getting tired, it's almost 11:00 here.
                             So, ttyl,
                                         Claire :)

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