Sunday, May 1, 2011

Day 6-Friday

  Today when I got up I had breakfast with my dad and this guy he works with. Next I packed up my stuff and we left for the airport.
  We had a good flight, I slept a lot, so I don't actually know, but I'm guessing ;). The lady siting next to me didn't talk to me at all, and I was like ok lady, way to be rude! haha. wutev. :P
  Then we drove from Milwaukee to Appleton and I got to open my birthday present from my parents, a ripstick, I only got that because you know, my real present was D.C. :)
  And that was pretty much my trip to D.C. um, I hope you enjoyed this so ya, I'm pretty much done now, so this was my blog about D.C. I might make other blogs, but I don't know, so if I do I will post them on FB, or Buzz.
  So, ya cool. Well I'll see you later I guess lol.
                      Claire :)