Sunday, May 1, 2011

Day 6-Friday

  Today when I got up I had breakfast with my dad and this guy he works with. Next I packed up my stuff and we left for the airport.
  We had a good flight, I slept a lot, so I don't actually know, but I'm guessing ;). The lady siting next to me didn't talk to me at all, and I was like ok lady, way to be rude! haha. wutev. :P
  Then we drove from Milwaukee to Appleton and I got to open my birthday present from my parents, a ripstick, I only got that because you know, my real present was D.C. :)
  And that was pretty much my trip to D.C. um, I hope you enjoyed this so ya, I'm pretty much done now, so this was my blog about D.C. I might make other blogs, but I don't know, so if I do I will post them on FB, or Buzz.
  So, ya cool. Well I'll see you later I guess lol.
                      Claire :)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Day 5-Thursday

  This morning my dad had to present, it was very early in the morning so I stayed at the hotel during that. When he got home we went for breakfast and that was fun :).
  Next we came back to the hotel and rested for a while, well my dad rested and I read my book, which is very good :) but I finished it now so I got a different one. I love to read :).
  Later we went shopping! We got a DC shirt and cap for me, and a DC shirt for my mom, it was fun to shop with my dad because we don't really go shopping together that much. And we also went to the Peep shop and walked around a little, oh and also went for lunch. :)
  Next my dad had another meeting and when he got back we went swimming for about an hour and a half or so, and then got dinner (room service which is my favorite:)) I got chicken tenders lol, they were good.
  And now here I am doing my blog in the hotel room and also watching 24 Restaurant (on the food network) haha. So, ya i'm done talking about today so cya :).
                              Claire :)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Day 4-Wednesday (my birthday)

  Today is my birthday! It was super fun! Well, to start off, in the morning I slept through 2 of my dad's meetings. lol. And then (after I woke up) we went to lunch and I got grilled cheese, yummmm :). haha.
  Next we walked around town, which to you probably sounds ok, but I love it! We stopped in the cake shop and they gave me a free cupcake for my birthday! It was yummy! And I got to get ice cream, too! Yummm.
  After that we went for a swim, I love swimming!! :))
  Shortly after that my dad had another meeting and I actually enjoyed it because I got to read on my kindle the whole time and I have an interesting book that i'm reading!
  Following the meeting we had the "reception dinner" and the president of DISES (the organization that my dad has to go to meetings for) had everyone sing "Happy Birthday" to me and I thought that was really cool :))). Then we left the reception.
  Next we went swimming again for like 3 hrs. and that was really fun :)!
  And now, i'm in the hotel room writing tonight's blog, and i'm getting tired, it's almost 11:00 here.
                             So, ttyl,
                                         Claire :)

Day 3- Tuesday

   I woke up in the morning and had some toast, lol. Next we (my dad and I) went to straight to the Smithsonian.
  Starting with the Air and Space Museum, in that one we looked around a little, and went to the planetarium. That was pretty fun (the planetarium) but the rest was kinda not, so we left pretty quick after that.
  Later we went over to the National History Museum, I wanted to go here because it's the museum in the movie The Night at the Museum, so i thought it would be cool. It wasn't so cool, it was ok, but nothing like the movie, and they didn't even have the big dinosaur at the entrance, it was in the Dinosaur Exhibit  instead. And they didn't even have Sacajawea, she was one of my fave parts in the movie! But overall that one was fun.
  The last of the museums that we went to was the American History Museum, that one was my favorite :). The had things that belonged to old famous actors, singers, presidents, 1st ladies, athletes, you know, famous people. My dad really wanted to see Mr. Rodgers sweaters, but they didn't have them there lol, but he didn't care that much.My faves were probably, the muppets, the first lady's inauguration dresses, lincoln's top hat, and most of all Dorothy's ruby slippers :) I thought that was pretty cool :). They sold replicas of the ruby shoes in the gift shop, but they didn't fit me so I got a Dorothy bobble head ;). haha.
  We were planning on going to go up to the top of the Washington's Monument, but my dad and I decided we didn't really want to go up, so we just went close and took tons up pics, lol.
  After that we walked to The White House, we were retained by a fence, but it was really cool, we took tons of pics, and I think I even saw the president in the distance, because he was surrounded by security, and I think it looked like him. Well, after we had some good pics we left, and headed to the Lincoln Memorial.
  We couldn't find the memorial so we walked for like EVER and then we finally asked someone where it was, and we FINALLY got there. But when we did, it was SOOO cool! It was HUGE I knew it was big, but I mean this thing and GIGANTIC!! There were tons of people there but I didn't even care, it was awesome! I took tons and ons of pics, and so did my dad. We stopped in the gift shop to get something for my mom, and then got a taxi and went to the hotel.
  The rest of the day was kinda boring, my dad had a meeting, we had dinner, and watched TV, haha.
                          Well, ttyl,

Monday, April 25, 2011

Day 2-Monday

  This morning I had to wake up at 7:00, thanks dad! I'm on VACATION! That means 9:00-9:30! Well, he had to go to meeting so, I guess it's ok. Maybe.
  Well, then we had breakfast (it was a breakfast meeting), and I went back to the hotel after that because he had another meeting, and unless there's food, I hate meetings. lol.
  Later today we went to dinner at this seafood place, VERY good! Yummmmm. haha. Next we walked around a little and went to a very awesome store, do you want to know what store we went to? You probably don't care but I'm gonna tell you anyway haha, we went to .......are you ready? We went to the PEEP STORE!!!! A whole store dedicated to Peeps! How cool is that?! And they also had a Mike and Ike station (My fave) and a Hot Tamale station. The Mike and Ike station was a whole wall with dispensers that had all the different kinds of Mike and Ikes i mean ALL the different kinds! It was almost as cool as Georgetown Cupcakes, jkjk, the cupcakes were WAY better, haha. But this was still kinda cool. :))
               Well, ttyl,
                            Claire :)
P.S. My next post will probably be the most interesting because tomorrow I am going to the Smithsonian, and all the memorials :))) Can't wait!!!
                Well, again, ttyl,
                            Claire :)

Day 1-Sunday

  Today we flew in to DC around 1:00. We checked in at our hotel then, my dad and I went for some lunch. At this really cool place call Cadillac Ranch, it had an actual car hanging from the ceiling! And the walls were made of license plates, it was cool. :)
  After that we walked around town for a little bit and then got a cab to go to Georgetown Cupcakes (from the show DC Cupcakes). It was so super fun! They have the best cupcakes EVER, I got some Lava Fudge cupcakes, and some Chocolate 3 (idk what the 3 is for but thats the name lol), they were SO delicious! And of course, I took lots, and lots of pics!
  We went swimming after that for a like 3 hrs, ad then we walked around again, but then it started to storm very suddenly so, we ran inside a mexican restaurant and we ate there. By the time we were done it had stopped raining and we went back to the hotel.
  I know this day wasn't that exciting, but my stories will hopefully be more exciting when I go to the smithsonian, and like the memorials and stuff like that. :)
                    Claire :)

Saturday, April 23, 2011


   My name is Claire and I made this blog because I'm going to Washington DC tomorrow, and I'm going to some really cool places that i thought would be cool to talk about! :)
  So, the next few days I will be posting the things that I did that day! I know no one is probably going to read this, but it's still really fun so, ya :)
  Well, ttyl, cya,
   -Claire :)