Monday, April 25, 2011

Day 1-Sunday

  Today we flew in to DC around 1:00. We checked in at our hotel then, my dad and I went for some lunch. At this really cool place call Cadillac Ranch, it had an actual car hanging from the ceiling! And the walls were made of license plates, it was cool. :)
  After that we walked around town for a little bit and then got a cab to go to Georgetown Cupcakes (from the show DC Cupcakes). It was so super fun! They have the best cupcakes EVER, I got some Lava Fudge cupcakes, and some Chocolate 3 (idk what the 3 is for but thats the name lol), they were SO delicious! And of course, I took lots, and lots of pics!
  We went swimming after that for a like 3 hrs, ad then we walked around again, but then it started to storm very suddenly so, we ran inside a mexican restaurant and we ate there. By the time we were done it had stopped raining and we went back to the hotel.
  I know this day wasn't that exciting, but my stories will hopefully be more exciting when I go to the smithsonian, and like the memorials and stuff like that. :)
                    Claire :)

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