Monday, April 25, 2011

Day 2-Monday

  This morning I had to wake up at 7:00, thanks dad! I'm on VACATION! That means 9:00-9:30! Well, he had to go to meeting so, I guess it's ok. Maybe.
  Well, then we had breakfast (it was a breakfast meeting), and I went back to the hotel after that because he had another meeting, and unless there's food, I hate meetings. lol.
  Later today we went to dinner at this seafood place, VERY good! Yummmmm. haha. Next we walked around a little and went to a very awesome store, do you want to know what store we went to? You probably don't care but I'm gonna tell you anyway haha, we went to .......are you ready? We went to the PEEP STORE!!!! A whole store dedicated to Peeps! How cool is that?! And they also had a Mike and Ike station (My fave) and a Hot Tamale station. The Mike and Ike station was a whole wall with dispensers that had all the different kinds of Mike and Ikes i mean ALL the different kinds! It was almost as cool as Georgetown Cupcakes, jkjk, the cupcakes were WAY better, haha. But this was still kinda cool. :))
               Well, ttyl,
                            Claire :)
P.S. My next post will probably be the most interesting because tomorrow I am going to the Smithsonian, and all the memorials :))) Can't wait!!!
                Well, again, ttyl,
                            Claire :)

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